92591. Caprese salad
Tomato slices, buffalo mozzarella and basil

9250. Mixed salad
Mix of leaves, endive, tomatoes, Gran Formaggio cheese, hearts of palm, strips of smoked salmon with sweet and sour dressing. Served with a bread basket.

9251. Caesar Salad
Lettuce, chicken breast slices, croutons, parmesan cheese and caesar dressing

9256. Toscana Salad
Lettuce, tomatoes, paris mushroom, buffalo mozzarella, gorgonzola,
Gran Formaggio cheese, portuguese olives, basil, and croutons


9243. Gnocchi with creamy leek sauce, mushroom and buffalo mozzarella
9301. Zucchini ravioli with herbs pesto
9318. Tagliatelle putanesca
9302. Buffalo mozzarella ravioli with tomato sauce
9304. Baked rigatoni with tomato sauce, italian style calabrese and buffalo mozzarela
9266. Papardelle with lamb ragu


9266. Duck ragu and paris mushroom risotto
9364. Tomato risotto with mozzarela and basil
9246. Sausage and chard risotto
9327. Seafood risotto


9365. Pork ribs and mashed potatoes with thyme
3913. Chicken breast in a sicilian lime sauce and potato au gratin
9311. Steak with shiitake mushrooms and pomodoro risotto
9265. Steak in port wine with arracacha (white carrot) puree
9326. Ancho beef with spinach gnochhi and gorgonzola sauce
9310. Red Angus with farfalle, Parma ham, pea and cream sauce


9312. Grilled salmon and potato au gratin
9350. Thai red fish with shrimp and jasmin rice
9700. Bacalhau imperial morhua (cod fish) with truffle pure and mini leek bruschettas
2062. Tuna in sesame crust with balsami reduction and pupunha spaghetti with truffle parmesan cream
3368. Fish, squid and shrimp stew




9160. Éclair : vanilla or chocolate
9175. Thousand layers cake with chocolate and hazelnuts praline
9170. Traditional thousand layers cake with vanilla cream
9150. Strawberry tart
9177. Quindim: traditional portuguese dessert
9179. Creamy chocolate mousse
9651. Lemon tarte
9143. Ópera: Belgian chocolate mousse (diet)
9191. Pain perdu: brioche french toast with vanilla ice cream, strawberry,
chantilly and berries sauce



9180. Mini pâtisseries
9190. Traditional macarons
9168. Bem-casado macaron (1870´s recipe)


We use only Callebaut Belgian couverture chocolate in all our products

9124. Crocktop
Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate
9123. Nougatine: Hazelnut praline crocante topped with dark chocolate
9160. Filled chocolate
9128. Mendiant: Chocolate with nuts
Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate
9740. Chocolates
Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate
9129. Dark chocolate truffle



9421. Vodka Grey Goose Original
9407. Vodka Absolut
9408. Vodka Smirnoff
9404. Rum Bacardi 8 Years
9405. Rum Bacardi Superior
9422. Tequilacazadores Reposado
9412. Tequila Cazadores Blanco
9431. Cognac Fundador
9400. Grappa
9403. Cachaça